Integrative Wellness at Watson Chiropractic

 We recognize that you are more than just your acute pain complaint.  As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Sarah is focused on finding and correcting the root cause of your symptoms.  Our Integrative Wellness Program that combines specific chiropractic care with diagnostic testing, a detailed review of past medical records, coordination of care with your other providers, nutritional recommendations, and lifestyle changes, to assist your body’s innate ability to heal itself.   Dr. Sarah will provide one-on-one coaching and support for a completely personalized treatment plan that focuses on your personal needs.   


At this 90-minute appointment Dr. Sarah analyzes and interprets your completed Welcome Packet, including diagnostic lab testing, medical records from other providers, dietary choices and supplementation, medication, and lifestyle choices.  After discussing your personal wellness goals, Dr. Sarah will provide a detailed, individualized plan with the tools to help you achieve your goals and make your way to optimal health! 

We require all records and diagnostic testing a minimum of 48 hours before your initial evaluation.  A list of required lab tests will be provided in your Welcome Packet: you may have these done at your other provider, or we can provide a requisition to have them done before your appointment, at an additional cost.

MONTHLY CHECK-INS (after initial evaluation)

Over the course of 6 months, Dr. Sarah will schedule monthly 1-hour appointments to go over the past 4 weeks of your Integrative Wellness care.  These visits are tailored to the individual, and may include re-evaluating your supplementation, discussing additional diagnostic testing, recommended lifestyle changes, or other details specific to your care.  This is also an opportunity for you to bring up any questions or concerns you have about your Wellness Program!  While we recommend a minimum of one check-in a month, you are welcome to schedule these extended visits as often as you need.


At this 60-minute appointment Dr. Sarah will help interpret your raw genetic data provided by 23andMe.  This interpretation will highlight any nutritional deficiencies caused by variations in your genome.   Your raw data must be received at least one week before your consultation.  The cost of 23andMe testing is not included – you must complete this on your own prior to scheduling your appointment, as testing may take 6-8 weeks.