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Dr Sarah Watson is a lifelong equestrian.  She has been riding since the age of five, and started riding American Saddlebreds at the age of 8.  She has competed in several divisions including hunter, western, country pleasure, and park.  She also has experience with disciplines such as cross country, saddle seat, and dressage.

Any rider will tell you, "You are not a real equestrian until you fall off."  Falling off is exactly what lead Dr Sarah to Chiropractic.  As a teenager she sustained an injury and was told she would never ride again.  She credits specific Chiropractic care to her recovery and continued riding two decades later.

Dr Sarah is a Chiropractor with a focus on the pelvis.  The foundation of any solid rider is the pelvis and by extension the legs.  If your pelvis is crooked, your legs are crooked.

How can you tell if you should be checked by a Chiropractor?  Stand in front of a full length mirror and close your eyes.  Gently shake out your body.  Without opening your eyes adjust yourself to a square and even position.  Now open your eyes. 

Head and neck:  Is your nose off to one side?  Is your head rotated or tilted?  Is your head directly over your shoulders? Is it forward or off to one side?

Shoulders:  Are they an even height?  Do they round forward?

Trunk:  Is it rotated?  Is one side shorter?

Hips:  Is one hip higher?  Is your waist even?  Is your pelvis rotated?

Legs:  Is one foot flared out more or less than the other?  Is one calf larger?

Feet:  Do you have high arches or flat feet?

What does this all mean?  Changes in bio-mechanics such as rotating, tilting, or translating away from center means you have altered your bio-mechanics, and are giving your horse unequal cues.  Riding with one leg forward during a canter, leg slipping out of a stirrup, riding with shoulders forward, or a forward head carriage can all be symptoms of bio-mechanical dysfunction. 

Dr Sarah's years of horsemanship coupled with her focus on pelvic dysfunction give her a unique advantage to address these problems in equestrians.

Please call the office and mention you saw our ad in the stallion book for special discounts! 

Dr Sarah and her family currently stand the pinto American Saddlebred stallion Snowy Harlem.  They breed, raise, and show his foals, passing on their love of horses to their son.

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