TMI Tuesday: Does a bear poop in the woods? Can YOU?

Everyone may ask "Can a bear poop in the woods", but the real question is can YOU poop in the woods?  For this week's TMI Tuesday, special guest Ross from RC Training & Fitness shows us how to achieve the perfect functional squat.

All joking aside, a functional squat isn't only useful in a rustic camping situation or roadside emergency, it's also a good diagnostic tool.  A squat tests these three things:

  • Range of motion in your ankles, knees, and hips - can you move well enough to achieve a true squat?
  • Muscle strength - are you able to hold yourself in the squatting position?  Can you get down and back up? A true squat doesn't just work your legs, it'll work those coveted core muscles and every other muscle group in between.
  • Proprioception - does your body know how to move through space and adjust your balance at the same time?

The more you work on your functional squats, the stronger your body will become, and you'll be a more physically functional human bring overall!

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