TMI Tuesday: Stop Seasonal Allergies Before They Start

Do the sniffles have you down? Are you buying stock in kleenex?  Dr. Sarah has the solution to stop seasonal allergies before they start!

Seasonal stresses, most commonly known as seasonal allergies, are really just an over-reaction of our immune system to environmental stressors like dust, mold, or pollen.  When we have a healthy immune system our body is able to effectively respond to these outside invaders.  However, when our immune system is weakened or already over-stimulated our body will over- or under-react to environmental stressors, causing the runny nose, itchy eyes, and over-abundance of mucus we recognize as seasonal allergies. 

The best way to avoid seasonal allergies is to make sure you have a healthy, well-functioning immune system from the very start, through diet, supplementation, and chiropractic care.  Dr. Sarah explains how all of this works together in the video below!

Do you have questions about seasonal allergies, or how to avoid them?  Dr. Sarah is hosting a LIVE Q&A on our Facebook page Tuesday, February 21st at 4pm.  Email us your questions and then join us on the 21st as we answer them LIVE.