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“Mommy nap time” BioMat sessions now available

The everyday grind can be tough.  Whether you’re a working parent trying to juggle work and family time, or a stay-at-home mom driving the kids from one place to another, it seems everyone is running on empty these days.  It’s something we hear all too often from our practice members.  Leave the kids at home and recharge your batteries with our quick and easy “Mommy nap time”!  Each BioMat session uses far infrared technology to relax your muscles, providing temporary relief of muscle and joint pain and stiffness, with potential long-term benefits such as better sleep, immune system support, and reduced stress and fatigue.  Our dedicated quiet room features a sound dampener, air purifier, and salt lamps. Choose from four aromatherapy blends to customize your BioMat experience, with a complementary tea to hydrate and support its healing effects.

  • Relax and recharge in a whole-body experience

  • Quiet, stress-free environment

  • Quick and easy! Only 30 minutes needed for full benefits

  • Reduces stress and fatigue

  • Promotes a healthy immune system

You can reserve a single session for $30, or purchase a package of 10 sessions for $250.  But for a limited time, we’re offering our established patients a complementary session when they book a regular office visit during the month of January.  And ask us how to earn more sessions by referring your friends and family members to our practice!

Book your first session today and see how the BioMat can restore your lost energy!

TMI Tuesday: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Chiropractic!

It's the last week of National Chiropractic Month, and to celebrate, this TMI Tuesday we bring you "10 Things You Didn't Know About Chiropractic"!  We get asked a lot of questions about chiropractic in our practice, because here at Watson Chiropractic we treat the whole person, not just their pain.  Our intake forms for your first visit may be a bit different than what some people are used to, so we hear it all!  "Why do you need my medical history?" "Why are you asking so many questions?" "Why can't you just crack my back and get it over with?".  The reason for most of these questions is because some people just don't know or understand what Chiropractic is all about.  So to dispel any myths and spread the word about how chiropractic works with your body's innate ability to heal itself, here's


10. Chiropractors are REAL doctors! 

Okay, this is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but you'd be surprised at how many people think somehow that a chiropractor isn't actually a doctor, or that their training is less than that of an medical doctor (MD).  Doctors of Chiropractic (DC) receive almost identical training to their MD counterparts, the biggest difference being that MDs receive training in pharmaceuticals and surgery, and DCs receive more training in nutrition and specializations like pediatrics and neurology.  While in school, a DC will have 2887 educational hours on average, while a MD averages around 2756.  Plus, both DCs and MDs have to do a clinical residency, take board exams, and get a license from the state to practice medicine.

9. Your Chiropractor can order diagnostic blood work and imaging.

And they can do that because they're REAL doctors! (Sorry, we just had to.)  Most people probably expect their Chiropractor to order or perform an X-ray or even an MRI, but probably don't expect her to request blood or saliva testing!  In our practice, we use blood tests to establish your nutritional base line and test for the functionality of your stress response, hormones, and gut function.  We also use genetic testing to pinpoint what kinds of supplementation works best for each individual, since our genes are the building blocks of our body.

8. Size isn't everything!

It's not uncommon for us to hear "Well, I like to go to a male Chiropractor because he's big enough to work on a big dude like me".  Sorry, fellas, but female chiropractors are just as capable as their male counterparts.  Chiropractic is a matter of speed over strength, and small, quick, precise movement is what makes a good Chiropractor.

7. Adjustments don't hurt (and there's no "cracking" involved).

Let's say that again: Adjustments. Don't. Hurt.  You might be in pain if you're experiencing an acute or chronic injury, but your Chiropractor will tailor her pressure and treatment to cause you the least amount of discomfort possible.  In fact, you should feel even better after getting your adjustment!  Another misconception is that the sound you might hear when you get an adjustment - that "cracking" noise - is the sound of bones or joints being rubbed against each other.  NOT TRUE!  The sound an adjustment makes is called a cavitation, and is only space being created within the joint and then closed again quickly.  Think about when you were a kid and you created bubbles in the swimming pool by pulling your hand quickly through the water - a cavitation is the same concept.

6. Chiropractic care is safe and beneficial for children and infants.

Birth is possibly the most traumatic event you could experience in your lifetime, and when you have a birth that includes interventions like forceps or a c-section, then you have additional outside forces acting on your body from the very moment you are born.  When we get a bit older, as children we may fall thousands of times when learning to walk and play.  Those childhood bumps and bruises add up!  Taking your child to a chiropractor who is specially trained to work on infants and children - like Dr. Sarah, the Momma Chiro - is the best thing you can do to help them grow into functional adults.  We hear from many people that they're afraid to take their kids to the Chiropractor, because they think that the doctor will use the same amount of force to adjust a child as they do an adult.  The pressure, force, and technique used to adjust an infant or child is definitely not the same as that used on adults - another reason to take your child to a Chiropractor that is specifically trained to work with infants and children.  

5. Chiropractic contributes to a healthy pregnancy for mom and baby.

Just like kids and infants, Chiropractic is 100% safe for pregnant women and their babies in utero.  Chiropractic adjustments balance the uterus and pelvis, which helps create more room in the uterus for the baby to turn and avoid a breech birth, and also removes the most common causes of pelvic and back pain in pregnant women.  Plus, it's been proven that women who receive regular chiropractic treatment during their pregnancy experience less discomfort and shorter labor times, so see your Chiropractor early and often!

4. Chiropractic boots your brain activity, increases your immune response, and removes inflammation.

Your brain activity increases anywhere from 20-50% immediately after receiving a Chiropractic adjustment!  A more active brain means more active control over your body's functions, which means your body is better able to control inflammation, regulate your hormones, and send and receive signals to through your system.

3. Chiropractic focuses on whole-body health.

Here's a quote from B.J. Palmer, one of the founders of Chiropractic as we know it today:

Chiropractic is the science, philosophy, and art that utilizes the inherent recuperative power of the body to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery.

Everything in your life has an effect on your health and well-being.  In our office, we look at everything that is going on in your world: physically, emotionally, and chemically.  We need to look at the whole being, to see what is affecting your health, in order to start to heal.

2.  It takes TIME for your body to heal itself.

There's two common reasons that Chiropractic doesn't work for some people: 1) Someone comes in a few times, starts feeling better, and leaves before finishing their treatment.  2) Someone comes in a few times, doesn't feel better, and leaves before finishing their treatment.  See the common thread?  In either instance, they haven't given their body enough time to reset to "normal" and start to heal itself.  Pain is the very last resort of your body to tell you that you've done something wrong, so once you're out of pain you still have 90% of the way to go before you're completely out of whatever abnormal pattern brought you here.  And the amount of time needed varies by the individual, whether it's a chronic or acute condition, and what changes are needed to correct the dysfunction.  Chiropractic will work if you let it!

And the number one thing you didn't know about Chiropractic is....

(drum roll, please)

1. Chiropractic is more than just back pain!

It's true, most people just think that Chiropractors fix your sore back.  But we haven't talked about back pain once in this entire list (or video, above).  We don't treat pain, we treat the whole person. And pain is just a symptom, not a cause.  Chiropractors work to treat the cause of your dysfunction, whatever it may be, and use the innate power of the nervous system to heal itself.

TMI Tuesday is moving to once a month!  We've started to see more of your smiling faces here in the office and we want to make sure we have enough time dedicated to seeing you, our patients.  Starting in October, tune in at 3pm on the second Tuesday of each month as Dr. Sarah answers your most embarrassing questions LIVE on our Facebook page!  Have a question for The Momma Chiro?  Email us at info@drsarahwatson.com

TMItuesday: Breastfeeding edition!

This week's #TMItuesday video is about breastfeeding!

  • Why isn't my milk coming in after childbirth?
  • My baby is losing weight, and someone told me it's because I'm not making enough milk
  • Can I breastfeed if I have a nipple piercing?
  • Can someone become sexually aroused during breastfeeding?
  • What exactly IS boob cheese?

Your questions answered below!

Are you curious to learn more about how supplementation can help breastfeeding?  Contact us!  Dr. Sarah will access your nutritional status with a functional nutrition questionnaire, and if needed, follow up testing.  Individual nutritional deficiencies will be addressed with tailored supplementation, as well as good fat & omegas, Calcium/Magnesium/Trace minerals, and breastfeeding-safe herbs.  You can schedule your initial consultation by phone, email, or the scheduling widget on our website. 

Every Tuesday, Dr. Sarah answers your most embarrassing questions LIVE on our Facebook page!  Have a question for The Momma Chiro?  Email us at info@drsarahwatson.com.


P.S. We're really sorry for the small video quality today - we had some technical difficulties and couldn't host it on YouTube like we usually do.  Next week we promise it'll be back to normal!