Tell those extra LBs to GTFO!!!

Recovering from the holidays? Want to get rid of that holiday weight? Maybe you just want to kick start your New Years resolution? We have a great workshop for you! 

The human body is an amazing thing. It has built-in systems that remove waste products and debris. Your lungs exhale CO2, your kidneys filter your blood, and your liver metabolizes drugs. All these systems work hard every day to keep you functioning. But they have limitations.

To function appropriately, your body requires the proper “oil” and “gas”. Your body is a lot like a car. No matter how well engineered that car is, if you don’t change the oil, stuff will break. A car, like your body, is designed to run with clean oil and enough gas. Too little oil, or oil that is too dirty is no bueno! You wouldn’t be surprised that your car wont start when its out of gas, so we shouldn’t be surprised that our bodies malfunction when we don’t supply it with the right “gas” and “oil”.

Water, Nutrients, Pre-and probiotics, these are the components of a well working human machine. Without these external components your body can’t excrete efficiently. Excrete? Yup, poop and pee... it’s important, you should be paying attention. Your morning visit to the porcelain god should be regular and a relatively uneventful routine.

Not going every day? This means that everything you eat is rolling around in your guts for a few days rotting... yes rotting. Dry, hard poopoo? Your colon removes water from the product of your digestion... too little water left means it’s hanging around for too long. Light tan colored doody? Eating a lot of fatty food lately? Tan color means that your gallbladder is working over time excreting bile salts to break down fat in the food you have eaten.

The modern American diet is full of ingredients that disrupt these cleansing mechanisms.

o Vegetable oils like soy and corn disrupt the balance of Omega acids in your body. Omega acids form the walls of cells and are critical to healthy brain function

o Refined sugar and simple carbs upset the balance of gut bacteria. Too much sugar and you can actually get yeast growing in your guts. The yeast attaches to your gut wall and makes it harder for you to adsorb some nutrients. There are a lot of good bacteria that actually function to improve adsorption of nutrients; you want to help those little guys.

oPesticides and petro-chemicals used on or in our food are toxic to you and your body. You know those gut bacteria we were just talking about? They can be killed by some of the added chemicals found in food. For real. 

So is there like a gut reset button? Yup, getting a lot of good fiber, eating whole unprocessed foods, and removing the foods that promote bad bacteria. Not only will it reset your gut, but it also changes the way you body functions. Improving everything from thinking to digestion to excretion. Insoluble fiber helps your body move things along. It also absorbs fluid and kinda scrubs your guts. The whole, raw and minimally processed foods give you a complete source of nutrients, macro-nutrients, pre and pro-biotics. 

Will this help me lose weigh? It sure isn’t going to hurt. I can’t tell you for sure that you are going to drop a bunch of weight, anyone that says that their program will get you to a size 2 from a 14 by summer is lying to you. What weight loss really depends on is you as an individual. What I will say is that the Standard Process Purification Program is a great way to get your self into some real healthful habits. Make the commitment to stop drinking pop, eating fried food and get your self into a new habit. You don’t have to give it up forever, start with 21 days. If you are anything like me, at the end of those 21 days, you wont want to eat junk food because it will taste strange. Your body will tell you that what you need is REAL nutrition, not empty calories and fake food. The great thing about this program is just how it resets your body. What healthful habits am I going to get into? At the very least, you will decrease your intake of simple carbs and processed food, and increase your consumption of insoluble fiber and whole foods. The Standard Process Purification Program a great step in the right direction. Say you drink pop now, after 21 days without pop the first sip isn’t a wonderful yummy experience, it’s a sickly sweet fake flavor bomb. Did you know that sugar acts on your brain the same way cocaine does? I’m absolutely serious. So what do you think  hat does to the way you eat? There is sugar in almost EVERY processed food. That adds up to a ton of empty calories, AND it causes you to crave more sugar. Even if something you taste doesn’t register consciously as sweet, your brain knows. It takes a hit and just wants more. Guess what, no pop on the Purification Program. You need to reboot that sugar cycle, making it easier to make healthier decisions every day.

Is there a program that you suggest Dr. Sarah? WHY YES!!! So glad you asked!! I love the Standard Process Purification Program. It can be a tough one at first but it is so worth the effort. And you know what, you are worth the effort. I know you can do 21 days. I did, and I felt great. Sure it was a change but you really can do it. 

So what is the Standard Process Purification Program? How can I learn more? The Standard Process Purification Program is not strictly a cleanse diet but rather a structured program that combines eating whole food with supplements, nutritious supplement shakes, and light exercise. The menu includes an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits for the first 10 days with select proteins added on day 11.

OK, awesome, so what do I do now?

You can come to the workshop or get a private consultation. The workshop will be a group meeting where I explain the program and get some basic info. If you are not a current patient of mine I will need to see you in the office before the workshop.

We will be getting some base line blood tests and biometric info, so we can compare your  before and after. 

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